Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Tastes Like Vintage: Pink and Gray Vintage Kitchen

You know you love it, vintage boomerang Formica
The Tastes Like Vintage weekly blog post is usually a vintage recipe, appetizingly submitted by a Vesties team member. It might be dessert, it might be a main dish, it might be a cocktail. It will definitely come with a great story and it will be a toothsome morsel to whip up in your kitchen.

But it's mid March, and here at Chez Recent History, cabin fever has set in with a vengeance. It's about this time of year that Monsieur RH comes home to find that Madame RH has been tearing down wallpaper with her fingernails and teeth because she has a deep and somehow primordial need to do some kind of home decor update. So, in an attempt to stave off a nearly overwhelming urge to purge the 1990s striped wallpaper from the kitchen, this week's Tastes Like Vintage is not about what you eat, but where you make it. We salute (and we lust after) the vintage pink and gray kitchen.

You know you're vintage if the photo of the boomerang pink and gray Formica reminds you of:

  • a) your house now 
  • b) the house you grew up in
  • c) your gramma's house
  • d) your dream house
In tribute to pink and gray kitchen lover's everywhere, we proudly present a Vesties team salute to the retro kitchen of our dreams.

'Tastes Like Vintage: 1960s Pink and Gray Kitchen' by RecentHistory

Pink Roses Two Tier Half Apr...

Vintage Shenango China Resta...

Vintage Pink Swing-A-Way Ice...

Vintage Metal Tray Pink Grey...

SALE Vintage Pink Melamine C...

Vintage MCM Towel Cocktails ...

Vintage Paden City Pottery S...

VINTAGE pink soft plastic FL...

Vintage Glasses with Carrier...

Vintage Grey Coffee Cups // ...

Vintage Pottery Snack Trays ...

Pink Tablecloth with Flowers...

Vintage German Ceramic Wall ...

Vintage Pyrex Pink Daisy Div...

pink melmac dessert bowls mi...

Pink Radiance Homer Laughlin...


  1. What a great collection! The boomerang formica table, I swear we had one in our basement/playroom in the 60's that was gray, white & chrome. So fun!

  2. I'll take everything please!! Thanks for including my pink Pyrex!

  3. I could move right into this kitchen! Thanks for including my tablecloth.

  4. Everything i like about vintage: soft colours, cute shapes. An adorable ensemble!

  5. Love the Pink and Gray combo! I can totally relate to your urge to remodel, we've been cooped up for way too long!
    Thank you for the feature Laurie, it is a gorgeous collection!

  6. Awesome! Thanks for including my glasses :)