Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Shop of the Week: wolfmansmummy


Please tell us a little bit about you and your shop.

As a child, I thought I would someday sign my name as Mrs. David Cassidy, but now I answer letters addressed to "Dear Wolf". Feels just right, actually! My children are grown, my parents gone, and I am enjoying my 7th year with the man of my dreams (shoes Mr. Cassidy could never begin to fill). It was time to do what I wanted without a creepy boss or catty co-workers. Enter Etsy. My shop is still finding its real legs, I don't know where its specialty lies just yet. I only want to present items I truly adore, but then I feel a heart-tug when they sell. Not much of a business model, eh? I would like to offer mostly vintage snapshots, but they are hard to find locally at an affordable price, and harder to part with when I have fallen in love. Fortunately, I have the attention span of a toddler, so I will only collect a particular thing for a short time and I don't believe in storing the good stuff. If I love something enough to have purchased or kept it, what good is it stored in a dark closet or basement?

What is your favorite era and why?

Like many shop owners on Etsy, I don't have one favorite era. My ideal daily costume would be a men's gangster outfit 
from the 1940s, I think--a well fitted pinstripe suit for day and a black or navy sexy slip gown for night. As to collecting items I can only afford to fantasize about, I love the pain and pageantry of the Victorian-Edwardian eras; for example, how the dead were mourned in Victorian times. What amazing tributes the jewelry, styles, and photos were. I think I am drawn to harder lifestyles because it makes me feel better about getting by on less than most people seem to. I don't need the nicest and newest clothes; I just need sturdy clothes. What better compliment to solid vintage wares than to keep using them?

What is your favorite item in your shop at the moment?

Any item that makes me smile (or cry) becomes a fast favorite such as old photos of kids making faces. 

I also love snapshots of moms and their children or affectionate couples. There is something magical about them. I love handwritten letters and personal papers that were kept for decades. 

And Pyrex! Love me some bright color Pyrex!


  1. Hahaheehee, I love your profile! Probably because I can relate on so many levels! Doing less with less is the new American way, you are not alone! My new obsession MOP Buttons!

  2. WOLFMANSMUMMY SAYS: Oh no! I just gave away a Gerber Jr. jar full of them! I will keep you in mind in the future~
    Yep, broke is the new black, right? I am checking in anonymously, btw, from the library. They have ink in their printers...

  3. Love this feature, and enjoyed reading the interview. One of my most favorite shops on Etsy, and I love the creativity of each of the listings. A shop that is always filled with fun and laughter!

  4. What a great feature, shop and shop owner. I love Wolfmansmummy! This lady has one of the biggest hearts ever and can she make you laugh. love to read anything she writes in team threads. Her shop is filled with the best photos and fun finds. Seriously fun, I mean come on, she's got Fragglerock toys! How fun is that!! Great shop, great gal. Do yourself a big favor and have a look at what she's got listed!!

  5. Great interview as always! Love getting to know you a little better, Ms. Wolf.