Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Shop of the week - FibsandScraps 

        This week's featured shop, FibsandScraps is owned by Francesca. Read her interview and take a peek at her fun shop. 

Please tell us a little about you and your shop. 

I am a collector and vintage treasure hunter in Auckland New Zealand. I love ferreting out the discarded scraps that others overlook, cleaning them up and making sense of them by putting them with other objects from their own era, that suggest their use, and tell their visual story in my shop Fibs & Scraps. I suppose that is what is encapsulated by the shop's summation 'Salvaged, Scavanged, Dusted off, Dolled up!'

Fibs and Scraps is a cluttered visual cacophony of objects, pattern and colours in badly lit pictures! Photography and design are not my fortes and though I admire many vintage shops on Etsy that present their items minimally with white backgrounds I cant resist 'merchandising' items with lots of other stuff! Overly wordy descriptions are my other foible that can be blamed on my background in Art History. Sometimes, in the face of a 20th century relic, I just get carried away in aesthetic contemplation and nostalgia induced reverie!!!

Luckily, despite its eccentricities, people have found things they like at Fibs & Scraps and kindly decided to purchase them despite the insane cost of shipping from this far flung island.

It is great being on Etsy and having the chance to connect with an international community who value old things and the handmade over the new and commercially produced. Best of all its great having the excuse to visit flea markets and every charity shop I pass!! I'm hoping this enterprise will grow and continue long term. 

What is your favorite era and why?

Oh to have been a flapper fly on the wall - or better still, bar fly- in twenties Paris, London, Berlin or New York! Not to mention the fantastical fashion, crazy jazz music and inspired Art Deco design, the 1920's and 30's seemed like a great era to have experienced. 

What is your favorite item in your shop at the moment and why?

I'm in love with this 1960's ceramic, fawn posy vase made by Eastgate, England! It features the most adorable, wide-eyed, baby deer who looks little bit wary of our confrontation in its secluded woodland knoll. The sprayed on colours of the green grass, fuchsia flowers and yellow tree stump give the ornament a bright kitschy charm. It is set in front of a huge, kitschtastic, paint-by-numbers forest scene and looks perfectly at home in front of it. 

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  1. Fun to learn more about you and your very cool shop!