Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Shop of the Week

                     This week's featured shop is GSale Hunter, owned by Cat and David. 


Please tell us a little about you and your shop. 

 GSaleHunter is a Husband and Wife Team - we've been together since the mid-seventies, married for 37 years in October, and have always shared similar tastes and interests. We grew up in Northern Virginia just out of DC, then moved to Richmond, VA to pursue our education. Growing up so close to our Nations' History, we both developed a love for "old things", but we also grew up in the 50's through the 70's, a period of time with great change and innovative design. We both came from people who treasured and admired "collectibles", with a keen sense of quality. Those traits passed onto us, or so we'd like to think, and we often joke that we have very old souls. As youngsters who married young and our parents were not able to help us out financially so it was a natural for us to visit Estate Sales and Yard Sales to furnish our apartments, which soon grew into a passion that we never grew tired of. Saturdays were not for sleeping in - it was a time to get into the car and drive down every road looking for Yard Sale signs, ever watchful for our next "treasure". Urban Picking is nothing new to us. Even our kids as Teenagers had no interest in new clothes - they both preferred shopping at Thrift Stores and created their own look with 70's Rocker and Disco clothes. Our home has always been a mishmash of hand me downs from different Eras, yet it had a homey and interesting "look", often commented on by other family members and visitors.

 What is your favorite era and why? 

 Our favorite Era has to be the 60's and 70's, a truly remarkable Era of change and political unrest. It's what we know and recognize, however we have always both been drawn to anything "Mid Century", since that is what our Grandparents and Parents decorated in. As a trained Artist, my love for design and color was greatly influenced by that time, and it's something that has stayed with me.

 What is your favorite item in your shop at the moment and why? 

 Two things come to mind - our early 1913 Instructor's Literature Pamphlet on Booker T Washington. Even as a small child Slavery, The Civil War, and The Civil Rights Movement was a big topic in our family and Society as a whole. The fact that this little pamphlet was found in a 1950's home in Austin, TX well cared for and protected just hit home with me. 2nd, our Polaroid Sonar SX 70Land Camera. That camera was a marvel when it came out in the late 1970's and is still a fascinating trip down memory lane. Finding that camera was like finding an old photograph of a distant relative. It's a thing of the past, creating photos that are tangible and lasting, a snap of one moment, forever. If you get a chance to watch the Impossible Project documentary on the topic of Instant Cameras, watch it. You won't be sorry. Thank you for this - very special!


  1. Wonderful story to read! Enjoyed learning more about you. This treasure is quite eye catching and would be a fabulous addition to a bar!

  2. I enjoyed reading your interview! Your shop is filled with interesting choices, and I can see your personality reflected in the items you have. Very nice!